TV Issues

I have a relatively stressful job. I also have a terrible habit of not disconnecting. Although I am trying to develop other methods, one of the current ways I am able to do it is by watching the TV. As to not lose precious time, I have my exercise bike near the television and will only watch while putting in my daily miles.

TV Shows I am currently following – in no good order

1. Good Behavior – TV/MA
2. Sense 8 -(Obsession) TV/MA
3. Good Place (Watch with my Girlie)
4. Code Black (Watch with my Youngest)
5. Lucifer (Watch with my Girlie)
6. Fresh Off the Boat (Watch with my Family)
7. Blindspot (First season was better)
8. Incorporated(New – giving it a change)
9. Lethal Weapon (Brain numbing – just what you need sometimes)
10. Rosewood (Brain numbing – yet somehow satisfying)
11. The Leftovers (Gripping & Disturbing – Watch with my Girlie)
12. Mozart in the Jungle (Marathoned both seasons – Love)
13. Man in the High Castle (Just started – Watch with my Girlie)
14. Frequency (Not the best acting but interesting enough to keep me watching)
15. Timeless (Love the concept – new show acting)
16. Travelers (Quite a few time traveling shows this year – fun enough)