Me..  or so they say… hahahah

ENFP – Your enthusiasm.You care more about your latest idea than most people care about everything else in their lives combined. And the energy’s contagious. People admire the positive vibes you bring to the table and they want to share in whatever it is that you’re so pumped on – hell, they want to be…

Personal Goal 1 met

Need to keep doing what I am doing. 1. Sleep 2. Eat Right 3. Exercise 4. Don’t Stress 5. Try really really hard not to stress

Emotions in the Air

1. Some people are sad 2. Some people are scared 3. Some people are outraged 4. Some people are pleased 5. Me, I am worried for my: a. Children b. Family c. Country d. Future e. World

The Fool

1. The Joker 2. The trump card 3. The wildcard 4. The madman 5. Feathers in his hair 6. Uranus 7. An insolent person who seeks to make a show of cleverness (The free dictionary) 8. Character meaning – “Here we have the eccentric who reaps the seed of genius, but the seed will only…


1. Laundry 2. Leaves 3. Poop 4. Money 5. Mistakes 6. Lies


1. 7 miles (Sense8) 2. Everything is a blur 3. Slowdown 4. Charlie Brown’s teacher is talking in my ear.


Children Parents Lover Friend Tears Smiles Retreat Mayan

Game On

1. Clueless Intruder (Youngest – 0 miles) 2. Soil & Peat-Moss 3. On the Pitch (Youngest – Good Job but not quite enough) 4. Roaming & Black Shirts 5. Taro root t-shirt 6. Milk Cream Vinegar Salt

Sole e Vento

1. Farmers (sans Oldest) 2. Minestrone 3. Soccer (Youngest) 4. Sunburn (Scolding – Skin Cancer survivor) 5. Sleepy Puppies